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  • Multi-domain (+$100.00)

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Fully managed through the CS-Cart admin area. Ability to create the text and images banners via WYSIWYG editor


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The GX-Slideshow rotator banner module is a CS-Cart jQuery addon which allows you to create and manage graphic and text-based dynamic banners right from admin area. The idea is quite simple: you create a set of banners (graphic and/or text-based) using the standard CS-Cart add-on "Banners", combine them into one container and make them to be displayed one after another in the storefront. You can use CS-Cart WYSIWYG editor to create the banner images for rotating.

More Features:

  • Flexible GX-Slideshow Banner addon
  • Fully managed through the CS-Cart admin area
  • Ability to add several slideshow/rotator banners to the page
  • The module uses default CS-Cart banners making functionality, so you can easily create the banners with images and texts via WYSIWYG editor
  • Major browsers compatible (Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
  • No CS-Cart core and template files modified during the creation of the add-on. The module is installed as an add-on to the software and can be removed at any time.
  • Hooks based CS-Cart addon
  • Different slideshow jQuery effects (slideleft, slideright, slideup, slidedown, fade)
  • Easy to install
  • Instructions included

Installation Notes

1. Backup all the files and database.
2. Unpack the banner package to your local computer.
3. Upload the files and folders to the root directory of your CS-Cart installation (for example: www.yourdomain.com/your_cscart_store/).
4. Log in to the admin area and click to the "Administration -> Add-ons" section.
5. Find the "GX-Slideshow" add-on and click the "Install" button. The "GX-Slideshow" add-on will be installed to your store.

Admin settings

You can edit settings of the module via "Administration -> Add-ons" section of the CS-Cart admin area by clicking to the "GX-Slideshow" name in the add-ons list. All the necessary descriptions of the settings are included.



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